Our sketch of Kwaaitjie

Our sketch of Pumbaa!

Our sketch of Sarabi

Our sketch of Simba!

These are some ads we've had in magazines across the countries.

100 Year National Specialty Ad for Pumbaa and Fuzzy

100 Year National Specialty Ad for Pumbaa

100 Year National Specialty Ad for Kwaaitjie

Pumbaa - AOM at Eukanuba,
Reserve Open Dog at Crufts for Kwaaitjie

Canuck and AJ finish! 
Pumbaa #1 Smooth Ad

Another AOM ad for Pumbaa,
Ivory's specialty wins

Kwaaitjie gets another AOM at NY!
Pumbaa becomes a Canadian Champion.

Memorial to BIS, BISS Westwind's Peach Fuzz

Pumbaa's Best In Specialty Show

Pumbaa & Kwaaitjie go to Eukanuba,
Ad for Pumbaa

Rafiki finishes!
Pumbaa finishes!

Black and White Pumbaa, Simba Ad
Pumbaa gets another AOM!

Simba finishes!
Kwaaitjie finishes!

Black & White Pumbaa, Simba Ad
Lola & Kwaaitjie wish a merry Christmas!

Fuzzy, Pumbaa Ad
Happy Holidays, Charlie Brown Tree!

Team Cejam!
Rafiki goes 1st in his class

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