Mingtjou Joyoutofafrica CGC,
OFA# CC-3530G30F-NOPI 1/12/2001
Breeder: Joy Botes
Loved & handled by her dearest friend, Christine Green

Joy takes winner's bitch, BOS!

The Story of "Madam Joy" aka "Ms.Grey" aka "Joy out of Africa" ...

Of all the crazy things ever done... this has to top them all ...

The Idea ...

Joy had planned a visit to Caryl for sometime now, and at the end of December 2000 she made the decision that she would go and visit Caryl in March 2001 and surprize her for her Birthday. This was the beginning of what would become a journey not to be forgotten.

The Present ...

Joy wanted to give Caryl something special, as their friendship had grown over the last 2 years and they had become very close. At this time one of Joy's bitches had been studded and was expecting puppies. The mad rush had Joy running around to get things sorted out. When the puppies were eventually born her tasks began of caring for them, making sure they were looked after by Gina (the puppies Mom) and late nights became the order of the day. Time to go around and shop became less and less, and time was running

After much deliberation Joy decided to take one of Gina's puppies to Caryl. This is where the fun started. The picture on the right was taken when Caryl visited Joy in South Africa.

Getting the trip organized ...

Joy called the airlines to enquire and at some stage they must have thought that she was crazy. Who on earth wanted to take a puppy on board the plane with them? Puppies and any livestock went into cargo, and that was it. Yet Joy was determined that the puppy would go onboard with her. Being a long trip, 11 hours from Johannesburg to Zurich, 9 hours from Zurich to Miami, and 2 hours from Miami to Jacksonville, a total of 22 hours flying was a lot for a puppy to endure.

So the decision was finally made. The puppy was going. The puppy was taken to the vet, the state vet inspected and approved the papers, and it was set.

During this time, Joy had made known to Caryl that she was coming over to her, and Caryl was like an expectent mother awaiting Joy to be there with her. Caryl even at one stage told Joy to bring over a puppy, as she had known that Gina had pups. Joy tried to avoid the issue with Caryl as far as possible as many uncertaintities still existed becuase Joy was not sure if the puppy would meet the weight limit set by the airline. So not to get Caryl's hopes up and spoil the surprize, Joy tried to avoid talking about it.

Pre - Trip ...

The time came for Joy to take Caryl her gift. Ms. Grey was then groomed and her special container was aquired as one can see from the pic on the left. Puppy groomed and in its container, Joy was ready for her adventure. She was as nervous as one could be but that did not deter her. Caryl was getting one of her pups, and that was it.

The plane left Johannesburg International Airport at 2300 on 8 March. Joy was nervous and all excited as well. The puppy on the other hand was peaceful in its container, as if nothing was happening around her. Ahead lay a flight of about 11 hours, but the decision was made, way to late to turn back now.

In Flight ...

So off they went. Much to Joy's disgust Ms. Grey was taken away from her for the take off but was returned soon thereafter.

She was such a good baby and everyone loved her. Let's be honest here, how many doggies have you seen on an airoplane in your lifetime? Well, for me none, this was a first I'd even heard of.

Ms. Grey never made a noise, never caused any hassles, a real lady she was, but also like a little baby not knowing much what was going on around her. When she wanted to sleep, on Joy's lap is where she slept.

During the flight, the Flight attendants made some extra room for Ms. Grey on the floor, and Joy spent more time on the floor than in her seat with Ms. Grey, making sure she was comfortable and Ok.

Zurich airport ...

Touch down at Zurich Airport and a short while in transit before boarding the flight to Miami.

Off they went to the powder room, they are both ladies, so they had to powder their noses and freshen up a bit.

Ms. Grey needed to have exercise, as well as Joy needed to flex her muscles. The first part of the trip was finished and so far everything had went well...

On the other side of the globe, Caryl was awaiting the visit of Joy, and had no idea what Joy was bringing over to her.

So off these two went again on board Swiss Air Flight SR 116

The Story of Ms. Grey continued...
Miami Airport ...

Arrival at Miami Airport, where the transit time was the longest. This was a time to let Ms. Grey out and let her play a bit. Joy also needed to relax, so this stop was a good one and her nerves were building as well. Would Caryl like the pup? How would the pup take to Caryl etc etc, were all thoughts going through her mind at that time. But deep down she knew Caryl would love the little one.

So before the flight to Jacksonville, Joy gave Ms. Grey a good brushing so that she would look her best for her new mom.

Meeting new mom Caryl ...

Caryl was ecstatic to see Joy to say the least, but even more so the Pup. My gosh, of all the things she had expected for a birthday gift, this would rate as one of the best ever.

The journey was worth it for Joy. To see the expression on her friend Caryl's face was worth much more than anything in the world.

For full story and pictures follow the link to Joy's breeder!

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